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Coordinated Shop Drawing and As-Builts

    Watson Engineering can provide accurate and efficient coordinated shop drawings prior to construction to verify and communicate adequate clearances and configurations of the most complex engineering designs. Typically, this service is offered for MEP trades, however, state-of-the-art 3D scanning tools allow for accurate and fast documentation of virtually all facets of construction. Services can be used to document existing conditions prior to design and/or construction activities. Coordinated shop drawings are often required following design, but before construction begins to coordinate trades. We will analyze design documents, conduct site visits, perform our own field investigation, and coordinate directly with your skilled trade contractors to provide fast and accurate coordinated shop drawings at a level of detail for direct fabrication and approval by either the owner or engineer for record. Upon completion of construction, accurate as-built drawings can be provided in 3D to document final conditions for record. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Capabilities:
  • Documentation of existing as-built conditions using 3D Laser Scanning equipment and software
  • Implementation of 3D Scanning into Autodesk Revit design software
  • Creation of Building Information Model (BIM) for use in the design and analysis of all proposed engineered systems
  • Coordination of all trades during the design process

3D Scan Image (Existing Conditions)
Rendering (Proposed Design)